Our natural cosmetic soaps contain only the best, organic and natural ingredients for optimal results. Whether you are looking for the soothing properties of African Black Soap or the strengthening qualities of the Aleppo soap, our selection of cosmetic soaps is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural and effective way to care for their skin. Try it now and discover the power of nature!

Natural care with SAFWAH NATURAL'S organic soaps, incl. soothing shea butter soap & African Black Soap. No chemical additives, optimal results.

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SAFWAH's Soaps

Discover the ultimate skincare at SAFWAH®. Our handcrafted soaps contain natural ingredients and enchanting scents. Suitable for various skin types. Avoid harmful substances and indulge in pure refreshment.

Try African Black Soap, Aleppo soap, Shea Butter Henna, and more. Treat yourself to a luxurious experience and give your skin the loving care it deserves. Seduce your senses with SAFWAH soaps and choose pure pampering.

Let your skin radiate! Explore the magic of SAFWAH in every soap, specially made for you. Give your skin the attention it deserves and feel the difference.


Embrace tender care, your skin we share. Discover SAFWAH soaps, pure and rare.