Dear customers,

We would like to share with you an update on a recent change in our business. To avoid confusion with another company and due to environmental concerns, we have decided to no longer use Vice Natural as a brand on our labels. Instead, we have decided to continue under the name SAFWAH.
It is important to mention that our company, now known as SAFWAH, still offers the same quality products you have come to expect from us. To implement this change, we have chosen to use our existing stock of labels and simply cross out the brand name 'Vice Natural' with a black line. That is why you may receive our products with a crossed-out brand name 'Vice Natural' on the label.
This adjustment is a conscious choice to reduce waste and to use our current stock of labels instead of producing new ones. We want to assure you that our products are still produced with the same care and dedication as before, but now under the name SAFWAH.
If you are wondering why there is a black stripe on the label, it is because the previous brand name 'Vice Natural' has been crossed out. This is a temporary measure to ensure a smooth transition to SAFWAH.
We remain committed to providing you with high quality products and service. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to continuing to serve you under the name SAFWAH.
Sincerely, Team SAFWAH